Diving Kas

Diving trips are arranged time to time. You leave from the port at 9:30 am, you dive in spots that are not in diving program. After that we prepare BBQ party in one of our turquoise ports. Then you can rest for the second dive or tour the port. After a while you dive for the second time and we come back at 5:00pm

Paragliding Kas

At first look paragliding looks like parachute but instead you don't jump from a plane, you just take off from a cliff. You fly with a professional pilot and after you take of the parachute fills with air. Depend on the experience and tools that are used, paragliding session could be hours. There are also two choices for paragliding, you can take off yourself or with a professional pilot.

Boat Trips

For your daily boat tours, we have one named Likya which is wooden-made with sun-block, WC and kitchen. It is very comfortable and there are sections for sunbathe. You can also arrange a trip for two people. Tours starts at 09:00 am and over at 18:00 at Kas Port. Depend on the weather the captain route the boat.